Plot Synopsis: Slither DVD

In the Slither DVD, the small town of Wheesley has no idea what is awaiting it... It's a small, quiet town where everyone know each other. But an evil has quietly arrived - and it's growing...
Family pets go missing, livestock is found mutilated, and a young woman goes missing. The towns Sheriff (Nathan Fillion) and his wife Starla, (Elizabeth Banks), start to work as a team to uncover the mystery.
However, they could never prepare themselves for what they find. Get ready for some heart-stopping terror in the Slither DVD!

The Slither DVD will be available on October 24, 2006. Slither movie. Pre Order the Slither DVD today f! rom the Universal Online store.
Slither DVD stars are...
Nathan Fillion ...Bill Pardy
Elizabeth Banks ...Starla Grant
Gregg Henry ...Jack MacReady
Michael Rooker ...Grant Grant

Slither movie. Pre order the Slither DVD today from the Universal Online Store.